June 15, 2017: Rose Folsom, Carol Monaco, Colleen Duffy Kiko and Melanie Rigney got together to discuss approaches to the small-group discussions, among the most popular features of the 2016 conference. We prayed, we shared, we discerned... and the Holy Spirit joined us in the form of a flaming dessert!

August 12, 2017: Emily Borman talks about plans for our exhibitors (who are also attendees!). And Trinity House Cafe in Leesburg couldn't have been a more appropriate venue.

June 24, 2017: Father Charles Smith, Joan Sheppard, Colleen Duffy Kiko and Melanie Rigney talked of things spiritual... should we offer Confessions? How about a Saturday morning Mass? The Divine Mercy Chaplet? Part of the Divine Office? Let us know what you think!

Welcome to your Future with Hope!

September 22, 2017: We came, we talked, we prayed, we toured the venue... and we came up with a close to final schedule during the board dinner at the Marriott Fairview Park. Thanks for joining by phone, Carol Monaco; Father Smith, we missed you!

Getting Ready to Serve YOU!

July 18, 2017: Karen Audant and Melanie Rigney discussed plans for Karen's midday exercise. It may challenge you mentally and spiritually, but we promise you won't break out in a physical sweat!