Welcome to your Future with Hope!

We'd Love Your Help!

Here are a few of the many ways you can help this not-for-profit conference:

  • Pray for the speakers and the four of us, that the Holy Spirit will continue to guide our thoughts and actions.

  • Offer  to serve as the angel for one of our speakers (getting her from place to place at the venue, chatting with her between sessions, etc.).

  • Contact us about being a parish champion (sharing flyers, bulletin announcements, and so on). Email us if you'd like hard copies of those materials, the Catholic Herald article, or cards to distribute.

  • Invite us  to come speak with your existing parish women's group or ministry about the conference.  Future with Hope Women is NOT a new stand-alone ministry; our aim is to help women understand the richness of opportunities that already exist.

  • Share information about the conference via social media. Like our  Facebook  page. Follow us on  Twitter.