Welcome to your Future with Hope!

Want to Help?

We’d love your help! Here are some opportunities. In addition, please pray for the speakers and all associated with the conference, that we might be obedient to the Lord and servants to the attendees. We pray intentionally for each registrant.
email us with what you'd like to do!

  • Invite a friend to come with you to the
  • Ask your parish to put this item in your bulletin
  • Download and distribute the conference card and flyer; or, give us your mailing address and we'll send you a supply of each!
  • Serve as the contact for our exhibitors during
    ​Friday setup and if they have questions during the
    conference. (You won’t be responsible for contracts
    or money.)
  • Contact businesses and individuals about providing
    door prizes; keep a list of responses; ensure the prizes
    are delivered by September 15. (Thanks! We have
    a volunteer for this!)

  • Contact ministries, organizations, businesses, and
    individuals about providing brochures, flyers,
    magnets and so on about what they do for a free
    materials table
    ; keep a list of responses, ensure
    ​materials are delivered to Future with Hope by
    ​September 15.
  • Help with decorations and packet stuffing at St.
    Agnes starting Friday, Oct. 12, at noon. (Thanks! We have volunteers for this!)
  • Staff the registration table Friday evening. (Thanks! We have volunteers for this!)
  • Staff the wine bar Friday evening. (Thanks! We have two volunteers for this!)
  • Serve as a group discussion facilitator on Saturday. We’ll need 10 to 15 people for this. Volunteer for one group session or two. You'll receive a facilitator's ​guide in advance. (We have several volunteers for this, and can use more. Thanks!)
  • Serve as the contact for our caterer in case she has questions during the conference. (You won’t be responsible for contracts or money.)
  • Introduce a speaker—we’ll provide a bio in advance. (Thanks! We have volunteers for this!)
  • Pick up people at Ballston Metro or the Arlington Hilton on Friday night/Saturday morning (most likely two trips at most).
  • Offer the Saturday luncheon prayer. (Thanks! We have a volunteer for this!)

Please note: We so value the gifts of your time and talent! Someday, we hope to be able to offer volunteers a discounted rate for attendance, but we are not there yet. All participants, including the Future with Hope owner, are paid registrants.